Welcome to our practice! Our vision is to provide the highest level of orthodontic care for you and your children. We are a quality-based, technology-driven orthodontic practice built around the ideals of integrity, reliability, compassion and excellence in orthodontics!  We make orthodontics convenient, fun and easy. We have designed and delivered hundreds of healthy, confident smiles on patients of all ages.  He wants to help you achieve the *smile of your dreams! 

* Dr. Miller efficiently treats the vast majority of his patients without extractions, spacers or headgear using the Damon system.

  e-mail us:  advancesinorthodontics@gmail.com


Our clinic is fresh, clean and contemporary. We provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere with great music and WiFi for busy parents. We have an experienced compassionate and talented team who care deeply for their patients. 

Unlike many orthodontic practices, Golden Valley, MN is our sole location; therefore we are able to dedicate all our resources and easier scheduling for your family's busy schedule. A consistent comment from our patients is that we are on-time and reliable. We are evidence-based and use what is known in the scientific literature to guide our treatment decisions towards the most personalized, safe and effective treatment plan.  

Dr. James R. Miller is passionate about his work. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics (the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and sponsored by the American Association of Orthodontists).  He is a Damon Premier Provider and has had 13+ years of clinical experience in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park with exceptional results. 

We utilize the best technology that orthodontic science has to offer, from the Damon System and Insignia computer-aided smile design to the use of digital impressions and 3-D technology and two accelerated orthodontic treatment options. We have a low-dose digital x-ray system and seek out the best products and appliances on the market. We use secure and encrypted electronic records.

Services provided for Kids, Teens, or Adults 

  • Early (two-phase) treatment for children (benefits of phase I care)
  • Damon clear or metal braces (benefits of passive self-ligation)
  • Accelerated orthodontics for adults (adult orthodontics)
  • Insignia computer-aided smile design
  • Invisalign treatment
  • Non-surgical treatment open-, under-, or overbites
  • Surgical treatment planning for the most severe skeletal problems
  • Diode laser and TAD-assisted orthodontics
  • Bonded retainer placement and repair
  • Minor tooth movements (limited treatment) for a specific goal
  • Transfer patients are welcome in most instances

Write or call today:   advancesinorthodontics@gmail.com


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